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Delta Group is a brand name with a focus on interior and exterior design and construction support, with a mission to strive for excellence, steëardship of our natural and built environment, and exceptional client service. Delta Group philosophy is centered on the premise that excellence should be reflected in each and every aspect for this reason the firm portfolio is diverse, ranging from building materials, colorful paints, furniture, tiles etc.


Delta It has its origins in 1996 with Delta company in Elbasan by opening a modest shop for trading tiles …

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A company does not last for that long if its management is not willing to change anything and everything, …

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Social Politics

Social responsibility is one of the priorities of the company Delta Group with a view to contributing to the devol…

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Delta Group has already stamped its name on the market with the presence of all companies housing to win …

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It’s inspiring how from a small staff in its infancy, the family of Delta Group today has become too large. Thanks to the strategy followed by the company, the enormous growth in the number of investments, import – export and market expansion, Delta Group registers over 500 employees. The strategy and culture of our company focus on our people, because they are the key points of our organization. Delta Group enables the acquisition of modern skills and innovative practices. The company’s success depends on our team, being opened for exchange of ideas and building a friendly environment within the workplace. We empower our employees to feel appreciated making our team to record success in its work. The actions and behavior of staff towards the goal of cooperation intended to achieve the same objectives being open to new information and to changes. We strive to attract, develop and maintain the most efficient people to ensure ongoing achievement of company objectives and priorities.


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Delta Group is a leading group, search and construction material building firm, with an exceptional track record, unmatched contacts, and deep market knowledge.



The winter season and the colors that will dominate it

We left the summer together with the trend that dominated the season and the fashion trends have already conquered the world’s biggest cities with the trends that will dominate the winter season. From fashion trends, stylists give suggestions for the colors that we will not only select for our outfits but also what colors will...
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How to remove the mold from the walls of the house

Mold is a very big concern in the residencies of many families. It is mainly caused when it finds a suitable environment to develop and in most cases it is the humidity that provides it with the terrain to be developed. Sometimes we become indifferent to the presence of mold when it is not widespread...
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Offers have also knocked on the Delta showroom in Korça!

Delta Group, after its presence in several cities of the country, has opened the doors of its showroom also in Korça since 26 October. This very important investment came as a result of market demands in this area of the country and to meet the needs of customers who are already able to have the...
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