Delta Group is a leading innovative concepts in the field of construction. Presence of Delta Group’s products not only in Albania and the region but also beyond these limits once again shows the potential of this group to meet every customer requirement in range, quality and price. Delta Group is headquartered in Tirana and is housing already highly recognized companies for domestic and international market as DeltaHome, Deutschcolor, Thermoswiss, DAST and Delta.

It has its origins in 1996 with Delta company in Elbasan by opening a modest shop for trading tiles and sanitary equipment. Very soon, thanks to a serious commitment in 2000, Delta expanded to a warehouse, accompanied by an show room of modern, rich with items varied in quality and price, a trend of the time and contemporary design, Delta began become a prestigious brand that people recognize the quality and service lacking. Given that demand the growing disaster and the company’s strategy to be closer to the customer, made in 2001, Delta to expand its activity in Tirana, opening a new exhibition and a warehouse near St. ” Jordan Misja “but did not stop with that, vision of Deltagroup was clear, a quality service and a better life.

In 2007 a new warehouse and a new showroom was opened in Durres. Delta chose this city as a point geopolitics of her vision in one of neuralgic cities of Albania to meet its strategic achievements in the local market and beyond, taking at the largest port in the country.

In 2009, Delta will be present with two new showrooms in Tirana, at former block area as well as an showroom and a warehouse in Lapraka.

Delta opened in December 2012 in Saranda an showroom and a modern warehouse which is a reference site for construction companies in this area but also for the residents of the city of Saranda and beyond. Fieri will be the next city where Delta Group will extend its activity. In July 2013 he inaugurated the showroom with diversified products in the market. Meanwhile, this year, on October 3, 2013, opened in Tirana, the new showroom, such perfectionism and also one of the biggest showroom and most modern in the region.

2008 will entail the establishment of DAST, whose products immediately recognized a mass acceptance in the local market and soon these products will become an important factor in the wider Balkan market. Year after year the number of products that bear the stamp DAST were added too fast, counting today around 400 of such range: adhesives, finishes, silicones, refinishes, additive, hydro isolators and many other products in the field of construction.

DAST currently owns about 73% of the domestic market and is present with its products in the region including Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, etc. Thanks to a good strategy studied by the company in terms of exports the list of countries is even wider as Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Tunisia, Ghana, Lebanon etc. Heart and origin of the product development process DAST is the Central Laboratory in Durres, Albania and in constant consultation with several well-known research centers worldwide. This structure ensures the quality of products stable and maximum responsiveness to the needs of market. Products are certified according to EN standards and ECO friendly technical and quality management standards implemented by TUV. DAST being a company with a clear vision in terms of strategy development and innovation, created DAST Academy which is the first country academy of the region that left traces in this sector and at the same time an example followed by the other businesses then. In support of the construction industry this academy offers a wide range of certification and degree programs through professional collaboration with renowned partners abroad, achieving an excellent knowledge of each participant application methods but also the composition of DAST products

In March 2012 to the portfolio of companies of the group, was added the Deutschcolor JSC, one of the most well-known international companies. Deutschcolor He started in January 1914 in Berlin, Germany, where despite the time of the earliest creation, very soon the name and trademarks Deutschcolor was internationalized , being transformed into the largest producer of German paints for interior and exterior , putty silicones, foams and primers. Today Deutschcolor leader in the production of paints industry for years has proven that the key to business success is the production of products in full compliance with environmental requirements. Deutschcolor with a global orientation has its own representation in many countries like Germany, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, etc.

As a result of the penetration of full local market and the increasing demand from customers, the construction of the Deutschcolor factory started, which will be ready no later than the first months of 2017. The belief that the German paint manufacturing giant gave the company year after year was translated into a strong base of customers trusted. Deutschcolor is the company which employed the best engineers in the region, qualified staff and countless certifications that make the whole staff Deutschcolor as the most valuable asset of the company.

The latest innovation from Delta Group comes on 28 March 2011, with brand-new in the Delta Home, in the heart of Tirana in the former block. Delta Home brings exclusivity trading Albania best international brands to design of facilities, such as: kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, poltrona, sofas, children’s rooms, offices, studio and wardrobe from the classics to the most modern of the best known names of interior design like Veneta Cucine, Natuzzi, Ipe Cavalli, Cantori Cattelan Italia, Las Group, Batistella etc. The philosophy of Delta Home was not only the marketing of the product, but to assist until the end the client for every request, making work to resemble a work of art made with much love and dedication, therefore the company made available to customers at any while a professional team of architects, for any request or suggestion that you needed them. The primary purpose is to transmit Delta Home comfort, relaxation and warmth in any environment to optimize its products.

Thermoswiss is part of Delta Group since February 2015. Thermoswiss is the newest factory of polystyrene manufacture in Albania.

About 70 % of its products are exported; this is because the products of this factory are in conformity with the norms of international standards. Thermoswiss offers to every customer the wuarranty of quality products and most importantly, of ecological products. This is made possible thanks to the constant control from the most renowned laboratories of this sector in Switzerland and Germany.

Experience gained over the years, new technologies introduced in the market have made it possible for Delta Group meet customer demands and industrial market.