Offers have also knocked on the Delta showroom in Korça!

Delta Group, after its presence in several cities of the country, has opened the doors of its showroom also in Korça since 26 October. This very important investment came as a result of market demands in this area of the country and to meet the needs of customers who are already able to have the most internationally recognized brands in a price and quality draw. The newest showroom, located in a three-storey space, offers various products, tiles, parquet, sanitation, angles, bedrooms and many other products serving the furnishing of various stylish and chic environments.

Along with the many products, Delta launched this journey with many offers that will give everyone the opportunity to closely touch on what this showroom offers. The event, on 26 October, brought together many guests in Korca, who accompanied this important opening, which joins the network of Delta showrooms throughout Albania.

The winter season has arrived and as every season, it increases the desire for making changes at home. The showroom offers in Korca are the best opportunity to complete any environment according to the latest trend of furniture.