How to remove the mold from the walls of the house

Mold is a very big concern in the residencies of many families. It is mainly caused when it finds a suitable environment to develop and in most cases it is the humidity that provides it with the terrain to be developed. Sometimes we become indifferent to the presence of mold when it is not widespread on a large surface of the dwelling and we start to worry when it starts to engage as much surface as possible. At no time must the presence of mold be ignored as it causes damage to the human body. With the spread of mold, the risk of health increases. In addition to inflammation of the eyes, skin and respiratory system, various allergies may occasionally occur. Over time, these inflammatory disorders of the respiratory system can lead to chronic bronchitis, coughing and asthma. It is also suspected that it may cause cooling.

If a person suffers from a previous illness, mold causes additional risks, so in cases of severe chronic asthma, the risk of allergic lung disease increases. In addition to these problems, mold also contains a very fragile flavor which turns into a concern for the people living in the dwelling where the mold is developed. We often read different methods of how to remove mold from the walls although sometimes not very effective.

For a desired result we suggest Reiniger 42 and mold will no longer be a concern. Reiniger 42 is an anti-mold disinfectant liquid, which combines disinfection and cleansing. Used in environments with surfaces contaminated with mold, bacteria and algae, Reiniger 42 is a non-toxic material used on painted surfaces, molded and in high moisture areas, to prevent mold growth on the painted surface. It is effective in indoor and outdoor use to clean walls, stones, bricks etc.