The winter season and the colors that will dominate it

We left the summer together with the trend that dominated the season and the fashion trends have already conquered the world’s biggest cities with the trends that will dominate the winter season. From fashion trends, stylists give suggestions for the colors that we will not only select for our outfits but also what colors will be chosen to enjoy in our homes. From London to New York, different designers suggest color combinations, but they all stand in the sense of warmth to remove the gloominess that this season creates.

In the series of colors today we are starting with a melodious ballet dance. As a member of the red family, but with a soft touch, the pinkish color of ballet slippers is one of the color trends of this cool season. This not only for the quietness it conveys as a color but also for the affordability it gives in home furnishing by staying beautiful and comfortable with the fashion trends of furniture. It remains in the personal tastes of the people who will live in these environments if all the walls of the house will hold this color or be selected to be combined with other colors. In whatever ways this color is used, be sure that the space of the environment will look bigger, it will convey positive energy and above all it will be an environment following the footsteps of fashion.